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TUESDAY 30 MARCH:  9:00 hrs AM CT (USA), Montreal & Toronto 10:00 hrs AM, London 15:00 hrs PM. 7:00 hrs AM PT (USA), 10:00 hrs AM ET (USA)..
Price : U$ 50
Duration: 3 – 4 hours.
Zoom: once you pay, you will receive a material list and the zoom link for the workshop.
In this workshop you will learn to play with color value in order to design your own quilts. First we will design a block, which will be the one we will use in our design. Then I will teach you different strategies on how to use the value as a design variable. Finally, I will teach you to plan and organize the creation of your quilt, based on your design.This is not a sewing class, it is a design class. I will give you prior to the class, the material that we will use during the class. It is necessary to have colored pencils.
What you will need:
Good internet access. Have the Zoom app installed on your phone or iPad or computer. All levels

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4 reviews for “Playing with Color Value, online class ENGLISH, MARCH ”

  1. Jeannine (verified owner)

    Carolina taught me how to work with color sequencing and movement by playing with layers and assigning colors a direction. by changing these variables the entire look of the quilt changes. i have been having fun playing with this new technique in eq8.

  2. Alexandra Panagopoulou (verified owner)

    Again a great and very informative class on how to design a quilt using color value and have a successful result.Thank you Carolina.I won’t miss any of your classes.

  3. Bonnie Magness-Gardiner (verified owner)

    I took this class in December, 2020. Carolina’s approach is quite analytical (no doubt reflecting her background as an engineer) and provide a practical guide to selection and use of hue and value and color interaction in fabric. Not many quilting courses mention color selection in more than a passing way, so this is very welcome. Carolina’s course has the advantage of showing you how to design your own quilt to show off the attributes of systematic changes in value. As a fabric dyer, it gives a really good mechanism for understanding and utilizing all those pieces I dye. On the basis of Carolina’s comments on Albers “Interaction of Color”, I went out and bought the 50th anniversary edition and started doing the exercises. Excellent for understanding why, for example, a simple analogous color palette is calm and safe, but boring unless paired with the right background color. All subjective, of course, as color is definitely in the eye of the beholder.

    Anyway, I highly recommend this course. It was both instructive and inspiring.

  4. Rachel Milgroom (verified owner)

    Carolina does a fabulous job teaching via Zoom, giving well thought-out instruction, very specific and helpful feedback, and geniuine encouragement. So happy I took the class and the “Show and Tell” portoin was a delight!

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