Color for Quilters – CLASS SERIES


Do you want to deepen your understanding about color? Do you want to feel confident with your color choices?

COLOR FOR QUILTERS is a class series that will help you to deepen your understanding about color and to feel more confident about your color choices and combinations. It is composed by two On demand classes “Befriending Colors” and “Playing with Color Value”.


In this class, you will learn about the chromatic circle and the three variables of color.
Five different color schemes that you can use to create your color palette.
And I will teach you four simple steps to create your own color palette


In this class you will learn how to use color value to design a quilt. I will show you many examples and exercises, I will show you my methodology to play with color value and I will explain this in a detailed way using many of my quilts as examples.

With all my classes you will receive access to a private Facebook group where you can share your progress, ask questions and share your creation.

All these classes are PRERECORDED so you can watch them at your own pace and time and as many times as you want


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