Hello! I would love to work with your guild to present my lectures and workshops remotely through Zoom during this pandemic. Virtual lectures will be PowerPoint presentations with question and answer time. Workshops will be live with demos and one on one assistance.

Your organization can bring new learning experiences to your members virtually and they can attend from the comfort of their own home sewing space.

Below find a list of lecture and teaching topics and their contents.

If you are interest and want to know more details, please contact me at carolina.oneto@gmail.com

Caro oneto


Playing with color Value: During this lecture we will talk about many different topics related to color, especially about what value is and why it is so important when is time to choose and pick your fabrics for a new project. I will show you through different examples how you can create movement and sequences using color value to design your quilts, creating interest, contrast and fluidity.

Befriending colors: During this lecture we will talk about many different topics related to color, that will help you to create your own color palettes for your next quilt creations.Some of the topics that we will check during this lecture are the chromatic circle and the three variables of color. Also we will check five different color schemes that you can use to create your color palette. Understanding these and a few other topics you will be ready to learn four simple steps to create your color palette that I will explain in detail during the lecture.

Limits and creativity: Can be counterintuitive but limits are essentials to create, they allow us to create connections, to avoid choose paralysis and to get a deep understanding of our medium. In this lecture we will talk about what kind of limits we can use to empower our creative process.

The Power of Color composition: Color is an important element in art, understanding how to use it it can be a strong tool to create contrast, balance, focal point and many other important principles when it is time to compose your own work.


3 hours workshop

Organic shapes: In this class I will teach you how to make curved shapes with your sewing machine! I explain step by step, in detail, how to make these beautiful shapes, which will give you the possibility to freely create shapes on your quilts! It is not Appliqué. In addition, I will show you 3 variants of these forms (one form on top of another, one form next to another and one form within another) and I will give you ideas to inspire you in your next creations!


EPP + Curves + Transparency effect : In this workshop I will teach you how to use the EPP technique for any design you want to create. We will use this traditional technique in a more versatile and free way, opening the possibility of use infinitely. We will play with color and transparency effect to make it even more entertaining. I invite you to join and discover how to use EPP with any design and shape! In this class we will sew by hand, not with sewing machine.

4 hours workshop

Curves and transparencies: In this workshop the assistant  will make a mini quilt top, where we will design it from scratch. Then we will talk about Color Theory and how we can create a Transparency effect with color and fabrics.I will teach you how to cut fabrics with complex shapes and to join these curved shapes by machine.

Curves and transparencies

Playing with color value: In this workshop you will learn to play with color value in order to design your own quilts. First we will design a block, which will be the one we will use in our design. Then I will teach you different strategies on how to use the value as a design variable. Finally, I will teach you to plan and organize the creation of your quilt, based on your design.This is not a sewing class, it is a design class. I will give you prior to the class, the material that we will use during the class. It is necessary to have colored pencils.

Color value

6 hours workshop

 Watercolor Quilt: In this workshop I’m going to teach my process to create a “Watercolor Quilt”. First we start learning about Color Theory , the chromatic circle and the 3 variables of color. I will guide you throughout the process of choosing fabrics, to create a beautiful transition with colors (like when we paint with watercolors!) I will teach you the process, step by step, to create a “watercolor quilt”. You can be sure that this complete course will provide you with new techniques and color theory knowledge that will allows you to feel confident designing, cutting and sewing in an improvisational way, but with some rules to create beautiful movement in your quilts.

Waves and Shapes: In this workshop the attendees will design and make a mini quilt top (18” x 22”) learning how to draw, cut and sew curves. During the class we will explore different designs, and how to use value and hue to create interesting compositions.The attendees will learn how to cut fabrics with complex shapes and how to sew these curved shapes by machine.

waves shapes carolina oneto

Beautiful stones: In this workshop the attendees will design and piece a 30” x 30” quilt top, learning different techniques to piece curves and concentric circles. During the class we will explore different compositions, color combinations and shapes. I will show you all my tricks to create these captivating designs. The attendees will learn how to cut fabrics with complex shapes and how to sew these curved shapes by machine. We won’t use freezer paper in this class.

beautiful shapes carolina oneto

Beginning to improvise : In this introductory course about improvisation in quilting, you will learn  various techniques and concepts that are helpful for improv quilting:

  1. You will learn to put together a complementary color palette, ideal for this project.
  2. I will show you 4 different improvisational techniques, such as cutting without rulers, building blocks, and composing.
  3. You will learn what it is to improvise.
  4. You will create 4 sections with these techniques: strip improvisation, improv triangles, soft curves, and random pairs. With these, you will create your own quilt.

 Creative and colorful improv piecing: In this workshop the participant will learn:

1.- Four new improvisational piecing techniques (triangles, crosses, 1/4 circle and freestyle log cabin)

2.- I will help you to choose a beautiful color palette, that works perfect for this project.

3.- How to piece the quilt top in an organic way.

Comments about the Workshops

“I really enjoyed the organic shapes workshop.  Carolina is a good teacher.   The instructions were clear as were the videos and live explanations.  I liked how we were divided into rooms and she dropped in often to answer questions and give help.  I love the process and will experiment more with it in the future.   Karen Bean Maine Modern Quilters”


“I was one of thirty plus quilters who took Carolina Oneto’s “Organic Shapes Workshop” by Zoom this past weekend.  It was a wonderful workshop.  Several weeks before the workshop, Carolina emailed us clear preparation instructions, including a short video, and encouraged us to print out the method instructions beforehand, so we were ready when she began.  Carolina is an excellent enthusiastic teacher.  She worked with us in the large group as well as small breakout rooms.  It was very exciting to be able to finish two organic shapes in the time of the workshop and even more important to understand the concepts.  She encouraged us to play and try new things with her method.  Thank you Carolina for an excellent workshop! Patty Weidler, Maine”


“Maine Modern Quilters attended a wonderful workshop, Organic Shapes by Carolina Oneto at the end of February 2021. One of the best workshops attended recently with clear instructions and fun interactions between our members and Carolina. The technique presented was so unique but easy to accomplish creating a practice piece during our time together. We look forward to taking more workshops!” MaryAnn Cugini, VP Special Events


“This was my first Zoom sewing class.   It was fantastic!   – A fun method to make organic shapes from a talented teacher who was patient and helpful.   The chance to actually make something pretty in the breakout room was just great!   And i will have a table runner rather than just another unfinished object!   Thank you, Carolina!” Cindy Giroux


“My guild CCTMQG hosted a Zoom Workshop on Organic Shapes with Carolina Oneto and it was wonderful.  Carolina is very good at showing you how to do all the steps before you start, then she broke us up into smaller groups to work on the steps and she came in several times to answer questions and check on how everyone was doing.  She was very patient and understanding explaining answers to questions so everyone understood the steps.  She had handouts for us too which was very helpful in prep for the class and so you could look them over before the workshop.  Everyone enjoyed the workshop and I look forward to seeing all the awesome organic shapes pieces in our upcoming show & tells.  I highly recommend Carolina for workshops, I look forward to taking more of her classes” Debbie D’Angelo, President of CCTMQG


Carolina conducted a virtual workshop on Organic Shapes for the ladies from the Mumbai Modern Quilt Guild in August 2021. It was an intimate workshop with 15 participants. Carolina is a very talented quilter and a patient teacher. She shared her techniques generously, and was patient with her time to ensure that we all followed her tips and were comfortable with the recommended method. She broke us up into smaller groups to ensure that she attended to each and every one of us. Carolina had already shared a clear and concise handout in advance of the session, and then guided us live online. She answered all our questions and guided us when any one of us faltered. It was an absorbing couple of hours, where we learnt some new techniques, and enjoyed what we learnt. It was a very interactive workshop, and I am sure we will all be using organic curves in our future projects. We will all be very   keen on attending other workshops conducted by Carolina” Madhuri Sapru, Mumbai MQG.


“Our Modern Quilt Guild was so happy with the class.  Carolina’s teaching style is enthusiastic, patient and keeps everyone on track.  Her knowledge of color theory was excellent. If you want to have a fun workshop on -line and have a project completed at the end, take her class!” Yezenia Malek, San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild, Programs.


“The Houston Modern Quilt Guild hosted a Curves and Transparencies workshop by Carolina in June, and it was fabulous!  The workshop content is very cool – we all loved learning more about color and how to use it to make your quilts sing.  The cutting and piecing techniques used are perfect, and Carolina’s instructions are clear and easy to grasp. She has definitely figured out how to deliver an engaging, productive and fun virtual workshop. The feedback I heard from both guild members and guests who participated was overwhelmingly positive – thumbs up all around! “ Debbie Layton, VP Programs, Houston Modern Quilt Guild.


“Earlier this year, the Albuquerque Modern Quilt Guild was delighted to host Carolina Oneto’s “Organic Shapes” online workshop. We had so much fun! Carolina is an amazing teacher.  Carolina’s kindness and creative energy  sparked inspiration in all of us. We learned new and innovative techniques and produced some lovely results. The skill level of our guild increased appreciably by the experience. We hope to learn much more from Carolina in the future.” Mandy Ruden, Albuquerque MQG.