Hello I am Carolina, mother of three wonderful children, my oldest daughter who is 14 years old, my 11 years old son and my youngest daughter who is 8 years old, and wife of my wonderful and loved husband with who we have been together for 22 years in this life.

I was born in Chile in the picturesque Valparaíso where I had a beautiful childhood alongside my dear parents and my siblings.

vista de valparaisoEven if it isn’t related at all with what I do today, I am an Industrial civil engineer. I worked for 5 years in logistics and when my first daughter was born I changed into teaching, a work that let me spend more time with my daughter and later on, with my son too. For five year I taught engineering students in the same university that formed me.

carolina oneto

Until when, eight years ago, because of my husband’s working challenges, we left Santiago and went to live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

What a great adventure! We left when I was 8 months into my pregnancy, with our two little kids and Rocky (our dog which at the time was also small)!

In Argentina, my youngest daughter was born and my passion for what I do today was also born. I believe that because I had more time because I became more loving to my home, because I connected with my house, my children and the daily life, all of this allowed me to discover this wonderful world of creating with fabrics, threads, and colors, which today is one of the things I love to do the most…

In Buenos Aires, I had the incredible opportunity of learning patchwork with Teresita Leal and Cecilia Koppman, known Argentinian quilters, every week I had classes to learn the innumerable and varied patchwork and quilting techniques.

I have always liked constantly learning and perfecting myself and in this new activity in my life I keep on doing it, and that is why every February I travel to the United States to the Festival of Modern Quilting «Quiltcon» where I go to different classes, workshops and talks with known international quilters. This allows me to be constantly having new ideas, new techniques, and to see and be able to take quilting towards a more modern and actual place. I also studied «The Interction of Color» with Professor and artist Eduardo Vilches in the Universidad Católica.

In 2015 we went back to Santiago where, for 4 years, I worked in my own studio and with Janome, with who, together, we have been creating and constantly doing new workshops to achieve that the quilting grows in Chile.

Since the beginning of this year 2019, my family and I have been living in Sao Paulo.

This is a new change that has me full of challenges and in a moment of great creativity, which has put me into a place where I’m 100% dedicated to my personal creative work preparing for what will be my first individual exhibition in Santigo, Chile this August.

I let you now with my page, which is a form of communicating, telling interesting stories, idea, news, and thoughts, I invite you to look around…


A big hug to everyone.



carolina oneto

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