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There are usually some common blocks that quilters and other artists will encounter that can hinder their creative process. These include self-judgements about their individual work, fears, bad timing, lack of follow-through, and even environmental interference. Let’s take a look at some different creative exercises that will help spark your creativity and eliminate these roadblocks.

Set Aside a Entire Day To Be Creative 

When we can’t follow through with a project we are working on, it is often because of the time constraints and interference that we encounter throughout the day. This block can be detrimental because it often interferes with our ability to finish a creative project. Every once in a while set aside an entire day so that you can actually finish a creative idea ( I know it is difficult, but once a month, someone can help you with the kids on a weekend, so you can have this time that is healthy for you). Here are some areas where you might see benefit from setting aside an entire day to create:

● You might be able to sketch out a design for an entire quilt. 

● You will be able to set aside self-judgements about having enough time to put together a project.

● You will be able to focus more clearly, without interference, on a creative idea that has been taking a long time to come together.

Get Lost In the Play Of Your Art 

Oftentimes, musicians and artists will set aside some time to be creative and improvise when they are working on a more challenging project or piece of music. The same can apply to quilting. If you are stuck on putting together a shape or a design, switch to something else that relates to what you are currently working on. Not only will this help you set aside any frustrations, but getting lost in the play of your art will also infuse some fresh inspiration into the project you are currently working on.

Get Lost In the Moment

Sometimes, taking a break or setting aside some time for yourself can help you approach your current project. Before taking some time to quilt, you might want to meditate. Clear your mind and workplace of distractions, close the door, and think about imagery or scenery that helps you relax. When you take some time to clear your head of thoughts that are not related to your quilting project, you will be able to focus more intensely. 

Share Your Project With Likeminded People 

You must master your inner critic if you want to reach your maximum creative potential. You must set aside your critical self and build an open, inquisitive beginner’s mentality like Einstein’s, who said, “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

When you share you work with you guild friends, quilting friends, family or likeminded people,, you will hear positive feedback and encouragement. This will help eliminate some of the self-judgement (we all do that! Self judgment is a creativity killer) since you are so close to the project that you are working on. 

For that reason when you participate and learn from any of my online classes (Live online or On demand) you get access to a Facebook group where you can share pictures of your work and ask questions. That group is a safe, caring and generous place, where we support each other and where we share a common love….quilting, fabrics and colors. Everyone is kind, generous and respectful.

Practice Taking Risks With Improvisational Activities

If you have a quilter’s sketchbook, this is a perfect opportunity for you to take some creative risks. Set a time limit, maybe 10 minutes, and try to create as many different designs as you can. Don’t worry about how the finished product looks, but just focus on things that you like, especially shapes and colors. If you generate a certain number of designs, you might like several of them. This type of activity takes a certain amount of risk in the sense that it makes you be spontaneous in your art.