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Your quilting studio should be a place of inspiration. It should be a room for you to go and enjoy your favorite hobby! It should be a place that is organized and gives you the ability to do your very best work. 

Of course, this can often be easier said than done. Things can quickly get out of hand and it is easy to end up with a messy dynamic. But don’t worry, as this post is here to help you!

Continue reading to discover everything you need to know about quilting studio organization and how to create the perfect space for this. 

What type of room should you use as your quilting studio/space?

You can set up a quilting studio or space in any room in your home. It is all about making sure that you have enough space and that you can get enough light into the room so that you can do your very best work. Most quilters will require a designated cutting area and ironing area. If possible, it is also good to have a designated area for designing too. Whether you want to convert a second bedroom or construct a garden quilting studio room, the choice is yours!

How do you light your quilting room in your home?

As mentioned, lighting is one of the most pivotal ingredients when it comes to your quilting room. You need to ensure that you have enough light so that you can do your very best work. Ensuring that there is plenty of natural light flooding into the room is always a good place to start. However, you will need a little bit of help along the way in the form of fill lights and task lights. Fill lights are indirect lights that will fill the entire room, such as an overhead light. You are also going to need a task light, which will enable you to focus on a specific area, helping you to see exactly what you are doing. 

How do you organize your fabrics, favorite patterns, tools, equipment?

You also need to consider how you are going to organize all of your items, from your tools to your fabrics. There are lots of great organizers on the market with different compartments that will make it easy for you to store your belongings in a sleek and stylish manner. You should think about the most logical way of organizing your items. The tools and materials you use most frequently will need to be the easiest to access. You may want to get a binder and put together all of your favorite patterns so that you can easily access this information when needed.

What should I think about in terms of storage or my quilting space?

Maximizing space is important in any quilting studio or space. There are lots of different approaches that you can use here. For example, you may want to consider having drawers installed whereby fabrics can be organized by color. Another option is using shelving so that you can make the most of the wall space that is available to you. Walls tend to be underused when it comes to any room, yet they offer a great way of storing more items without taking up precious floor space. You may even want to consider having a rail installed in the room and hanging different fabrics.

What standup items, like desks, are needed in a quilting room?

Not only do you need to think about storage areas but you also need to consider your work environment as well. If you want a space for designing your art pieces, a desk is an obvious place to start. There are lots of excellent desks on the market today, including corner desks that offer excellent storage space and a specified area for a printer. If you prefer to design while standing, you may want to opt for one of the more modern standing desks. 

Design wall for inspiration and organization

As touched upon earlier, the wall space in your quilting room is of huge impotence. This tends to be underused, but it provides you with plenty of space and it can bring about a lot of function and inspiration to the room if you use it correctly. Of course, you can make the most of wall storage so that you have a more organized space. However, do not forget about using your walls for inspiration as well. From day planners to pieces of artwork, there are lots of ways you can make sure that your quilting studio inspires you to achieve more. 

Where do you store your favorite quilt patterns?

Aside from the points that we have mentioned so far, you will also need to think about where you are going to store all of your favorite quilt patterns so that you can access them with ease. Mini binders can work very well here, and you will have plenty of different options to select from online today. Your desk will likely have an effective place for these binders to be stored. Alternatively, you may want to purchase a decorative trunk that opens up for you to put your folders inside. Some chairs even open up and allow you to place things under the padding for some secret extra storage.

Where do you put your quilting books and magazines?

Finally, anyone with a keen interest in quilting is likely to have a number of books and magazines on the subject! You will want to store these in a beautiful and effective manner as well. Your approach will depend on the number of books you have. If you only have a few books, some small shelves on the wall can work well. Or, why not simply buy a book basket?

So there you have it: everything that you need to know about creating the perfect quilting studio in your home. From wall inspiration to lighting your quilting room, we hope that the tips mentioned above will help you to create the ideal space for your needs.