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Quilting has been a popular American pastime throughout the years, though it was mainly used to make blankets out of scraps of fabric pieced together. However, quilting moved into fashion in the nineteenth century. Quilted waistcoats, jackets, and petticoats all became popular garments, and here are some Pinterest examples of how quilting looks nicely in clothes in today’s contemporary period. 

Quilting in fashion had become less popular in the early twentieth century, but recently quilting in fashion has seen a major resurgence. Though quilting in fashion used to be more about practicality than style, today’s quilting trends show off bright colors and bold prints. We’ll go over some of the quilting styles in fashion today. We’ll also look at some of the popular colors you’ll find in modern quilt fashion.

Quilting Styles in Fashion

Quilting is a popular style in fashion due to its practicality as well as style. It’s a great sewing technique for coats and jackets, as its double layers provide a bit of extra warmth. Coats and jackets have always been popular in quilting fashion. Today, you’ll still see a lot of coats and jackets utilizing this sewing technique. However, in modern fashion, a lot of quilting styles are not just for function. You’ll also find intricate patterns and bold colors in blouses and skirts. 

Sustainability in fashion has become more of an issue in recent years, with many brands and designers looking for ways to reduce waste and recycle old materials. Quilting is perfect for brands and designers looking for more sustainable practices, as it can be made from scraps of fabric that have been previously worn. Many people love to repurpose old fabric, and quilting is a great way to do that. If you’re looking to practice sustainability in your own wardrobe, you might like crafting quilted clothes with previously worn pieces or leftover fabric scraps from another project.  



 Are you looking for something practical to keep you warm, but is also a timeless trend? Quilted coats serve a practical purpose as well as a functional one. In today’s fashion, you’ll find quilted coats in high fashion stores as well as more budget-friendly retailers. From minimalist color schemes to bright multi-colored designs, you’ll find there are many different quilted coat styles. 

Since quilted coats were once popular in the nineteenth century, they are an old trend. A lot of quilted coats have a timeless look about them. However, even though quilted coats and jackets are a resurfacing trend, you’ll find that there are plenty of styles available that infuse modernity into the pieces.


Quilted blazers have become a popular trend. Similar to a jacket or a coat, a quilted blazer provides some of the same practical elements–thick fabric perfect for chilly weather. However, this trend isn’t just reserved for outerwear, you’ll be able to wear a quilted blazer inside.

Skirts and Dresses

Quilted skirts and dresses are popular clothing garments. From patchwork dresses that utilize scraps of fabric to high-end minimalist quilted skirts, there are a variety of options out there. Skirts and dresses generally don’t have the thickness that quilted coats have. With these types of garments, you might find that the fabric and construction are more lightweight and breathable than quilted coats and jackets.

Quilting and Colors in Fashion

Colors in quilting have long been an important element of this type of sewing. Some styles of quilted clothing might use colorful patches, while others may use minimal color. 

  • Bold Colors and Prints: Some patchwork fashion styles have multiple colors. Whether you prefer quilted clothes with a color palette of vivid hues or you want to keep things simple with a monochromatic look, there are many different color styles to choose from.
  • Minimal Colors: Instead of multi-colored patches, some quilted clothes have intricate designs. Though these clothes have minimal color, the designs are timeless.

Quilting in fashion has been around for years. However, fashion trends have changed and evolved over time. Today, you’ll find quilted clothes with a modern flair, such as bright and contrasting colors or a minimalistic use of color. Recently quilted clothes have been popular among designers and retailers due to their style and sustainability. Making your own quilted clothes is also a fun way to make your wardrobe more sustainable and stylish. Taking one of our quilting courses is an excellent way to learn about quilting in fashion. You can learn more about color in quilting and how to craft a garment that you’ll love to wear for a long time.