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After many quilting projects, you’ve no doubt accumulated various fabric pieces and scraps. You may even feel overwhelmed and disorganized with your fabric collection. However, there are several solutions to help you keep your sewing area organized and ready for your next project. We’ll discuss some of the top ideas for organizing your fabrics so you can easily access your fabrics when you need them while keeping your space tidy.

Consider Folding or Rolling Your Fabrics

If you’re looking to save space on shelves, rolling your large pieces of fabric may be a clever way to keep your space organized. This method is simple, as you’ll only need to fold the fabric in half and roll it up neatly. However, you may decide to fold your fabrics instead. For this storing strategy, you’ll need to ensure that you’re folding to size correctly. When all of your fabrics are folded at the same size, they will look much tidier on your shelves or in baskets.

Choose the Right Fabric Storage Containers

There are many different options when it comes to choosing the right fabric storage containers. From plastic bins to shelving units, you’ll have a lot of choices to consider. If you’re dealing with limited space, you may want to consider hanging shelves in your space. However, if you opt for this option, you should remember to get sturdy shelves that can handle the weight of all your fabrics.

Another option for storing fabrics is using clear storage bins. Though this option may be bulky, it could be the best storage solution for those who have a lot of fabric. You can also label your bins to make organizing easy. However, if you’re on a budget and looking to repurpose other furniture around your home, you could consider an old filing cabinet or dresser as a quilting organizer and storage solution. These items make perfect storage solutions for your fabrics, as you’ll be able to peruse all of your fabric options effortlessly.

Use Fabric Organizer Boards

Another solution to organizing your fabric collection is to purchase fabric organizer boards. With this quilting organizer strategy, you’ll hang your fabrics vertically for a simple and tidy appearance. This method also makes it easy to find the right fabrics for whatever project you’re working on. However, if you don’t want to purchase boards, you can DIY quilting organizer boards using cardboard. 
After a few sewing projects, running into organization problems is quite common. You’ll likely have many fabric pieces and scraps lying around. Finding the right quilting organizer methods will not only help you keep your sewing space tidy, but it can also help make finding the right fabric pieces easier for future projects. You may want to try implementing neat folding strategies, utilizing convenient storage containers, or vertically displaying your fabrics to ensure your sewing area is organized. Once you have all your fabrics organized, you’ll be ready to tackle new and exciting projects.

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