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Are you looking to display your beautiful quilt in your home? Many people choose to hang their quilts on the wall as a decorative art piece, as it can add color and dimension to any room. Fortunately, it isn’t complicated to make a hanging sleeve, so you can display your quilt on the wall.

You can create a wall quilt by sewing a hanging sleeve into the piece. For those who are new to this practice, you’ll likely have some questions. We discuss some of the top hanging sleeve sewing tutorials so you can master this skill easily.

Why Might You Want to Sew a Hanging Sleeve in Your Quilt?

The most common reason for learning how to sew a hanging sleeve is to display wall quilts. These pieces are typically displayed in homes as decorative pieces, but they could also be made for shows. Hanging sleeves can be temporary or permanent, depending on your goals for the quilt. 

In general, hanging sleeves are the best way to keep your quilts hanging evenly, which makes them a must-have for quilt shows. Typically a rod or piece of wood is slipped into the hanging sleeves, as they also prevent fabric stretching that occurs when a quilt is attached to the wall via pins.

Easy-to-Understand Tutorials

If you’ve never learned how to sew a hanging sleeve, you’ll want to know about these easy-to-understand tutorials to help you through the process. With this particular tutorial, the instructor will guide you through how to sew a hanging sleeve using two different methods. Whether you’re looking to find a way to secure the hanging sleeve before or after binding the quilt, this tutorial has you covered. It’s an excellent video for beginners who are looking to understand both sewing methods.

This tutorial is also helpful for beginners, as it offers a couple of different demonstrations. Particularly, this video is informative for quilters who are looking for a method that allows them to attach the binding and the handing sleeve at the same time. However, for quilts that already have bindings, this video tutorial is an excellent resource. 
Though learning how to sew a hanging sleeve may seem challenging if you’ve never done it before, the right tutorials can help you through your projects. For example, there are a couple of different methods for sewing a hanging sleeve, depending on the state of your quilt’s binding. You’ll want to choose the method that suits your particular needs best. Once you’ve mastered this skill, you’ll be ready to display your beautiful quilts at home or a show.

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