Learn how to make a pincushion using this tutorial with an easy pincushion pattern. Perfect to use your charm packs. I hope you enjoy this pincushion free tutorial


– 4 squares of different fabrics of 5”

– 1 square of fabric of 9 1/2”

– Cotton stuffing

-poly-fill – sewing thread ( I use for piecing Decobob from Wonderfil Specialty threads)

– Rotary cutter

– Cutting mat

– Quilting ruler

– Pins

– Scissors

– Sewing machine

– ¼” foot

Step 1:

Join the squares into pairs, right sides together, with the ¼” foot. Press seams open.

Step 2:

Join the two strips of squares from step 1, right sides together, making sure the seams match and leaving a 3” opening (we will be filling the pin cushion through there). Use the ¼” foot and press seams open.

Step 3: 

Put the square from step 2 right sides together with the 9 ½” square. Pin and sew with the ¼” foot all around the square. Turn right side out through the opening we left on step 2. Press.

Step 4:

Draw diagonals in the squares as you can see in the pictures. Sew on those lines.

Step 5:

Press each edge of the fabric creating a soft curve. Sew the curves down with the sewing machine.

Step 6:

Use the algodon siliconado? to fill the pin cushion. Hand stitch the opening to close it.

Step 7:

Join the corners with needle and thread, as shown in the picture. Add a button to decorate.

You now have your finished pin cushion! You can see another free tutorial to make a pincushion you can click here

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