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Color theory can help you create a multitude of possibilities in your quilting practices. You might find some great primary and secondary colors that you can work with as complements. You can also learn how to adjust color values in your fabrics so that you can create contrasts in your quilts. If you are looking for some great color theory books, check these out so that you can learn more about color.

Color Theory Books By Non-Quilters

Interaction of Color, by Josef Albers

This is a book that was used throughout the Bauhaus school. This text is designed to be a full-course experience for students and demands a high level of time and investment. This book contains activities for students to do that relates to painting. 

Color: A Course In Mastering the Art of Mixing Colors, by Betty Edwards

You don’t have to be an artist to learn color theory with this great book. Designed to be a college course, this book is really geared towards the beginning artist. Quilters can take advantage of its clear, understandable language to learn color theory applications for their quilting.

The Secret Lives of Color, by Kassia St. Clair 

This is an anecdotal book that covers both science and history. You can learn about the history of 75 different shades of color and their roles in culture throughout history. This book will be an inspiration for you if you want to learn about the different things that a particular shade of color can convey.

A Dictionary of Color Combinations, by Sanzo Wada

This is a book that is based on a larger treatise on color. If you are new to color theory, this is a book that will show you pictures of different beautiful color combinations. You can actually search for color combinations that are exciting to you and that you can easily use in your quilts.

Color Theory Books Designed Especially For Quilters

If you are looking for some color theory books that are written especially for quilters, these are a great option.

The Quilter’s Field Guide to Color: A Hands-On Workbook for Mastering Fabric Selection, by Rachel Hauser

This book is another dictionary of different color combinations. Unlike the book by Wada, this book will teach students how to create color combinations and has fourteen different exercises to help students get started.

Color Magic for Quilters, by Ann Seeley and Joyce Stewart

This is a very easy book for quilters to get into. This book has 24 different color combinations derived from the color wheel. Quilters can easily learn about approaches that will help ensure their success, no matter what type of quilting they do. 

Color Confidence For Quilters, Jinny Beyers

This is a book that is a rarity. Not only will you learn how to create a spontaneous color palette with smooth transitions from one color to the next, but you will also learn the secrets of shading colors and fabrics seamlessly. Lastly, you will build confidence with the color palettes that you choose to create.