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As many of you already know, color plays the main role in my quilts. Through color we can express ideas and feelings.

The questions I get asked the most by my students are how to pick colors, how to know if they combine and how to create a color palette that works to create quilts.

Today I want to give you some tips that I use and that can help you a lot when it’s time to create your own color palettes whether it’s with fabrics, threads, pencils or whatever mean you use to work.

1.- Nature

To me, nature is the greatest creator of the best color palettes… from the sunsets, the green of the forests, the colors of a flower, the plumage of a bird, each one of these examples are perfect color palettes that you can replicate in your work. Observe the nature that surrounds you, take pictures that you can late use as inspiration, they are excellent resources when you have to create your own color palette.

inspiración de la naturaleza carolina onetto

color palettes in nature

2.- Pinterest
Pinterest is an incredible source of inspiration, I use it a lot when I’m searching for color palettes. I invite you to follow my board of «Color Theory» where you will find multiple palettes that may help you in the search for your own palettes and colors that you like the most.

paleta colores primavera carolina onetto


Ideas de paletas de colores

To me, this app is simply AMAZING!!! In Adobe Color you can upload pictures that have colors that you like and from there you are able to extract the colors and create your favorite palettes! It also includes the possibility to work with analog colors, complementary colors, triads and much more. You can save every one of your palettes in your profile. I recommend you to go and try all of the features it has… It really is a great resource and you’re going to LOVE IT!


adobe color

4.- Your printed fabrics

Last but not least, your own fabrics are the ones that can help you put together a beautiful palette. Pick a patterned fabric you really like and analyze it, look at its colors. Those colors can assure you that together they create a pretty palette to work with. You just have to pick apart the colors of the fabric and you’re ready!


paleta de colores
De una tela estampada construir tu paleta de colores

Do you have any other resources to work with colors? How do you create your own palettes?

I hope these tips help you work with color, know how to use it, and lose the fear of experimenting with it!

A big hug to all of you,



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