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I am very happy to be launching the pattern of my quilt «Before Sunset». This is the second pattern that I’ve launched of my designs and quilts. The pattern is now available in my shop in English and in Spanish.


Patrón de quilt descargable

I did this quilt as a simplified version of my other quilt «Le Quattro Stagione» (which ended up selected to participate in the Carrefour Européen du Patchwork – SAINTE-MARIE-AUX-MINES in 2018), with the objective of inspiring and encouraging you to do it. The key in this is the use and sequence of colors, you’re not obligated to use the colors I propose you to use, they are only a recommendation! Any color palette that works will look beautiful in this quilt, you can change and use cold colors against warm colors, or strong colors against pastel colors. You can create the sequence you want!


The pattern comes with instructions to build your quilt in to sizes, Baby of 36” x 48” (90 cm x 120 cm) or Blanket of 45” x 60” (112 cm x 150 cm).


Quilt Pattern «Before Sunset»

What does it include?

1.- A PDF document that can be downloaded and printed

2.- Written in English

3.- Indications for the fabrics, colors and amount to build your quilt.

4.- Step-by-step with instructions about cutting and sewing

5.- Clear designs showing how to do your quilt

6.- Sheet to design and plan different color schemes

7.- Color inspiration for your own version

I invite you to do this colorful and fun quilt! It is not complex technic-wise, but you must be organized to maintain the order of the colors

Un gran abrazo



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