Materials needed:

18 5” squares

Square of batting of 15”x15” minimum

Rotary cutter

Cutting mat



Sewing machine

¼” foot

Walking foot

The first thing we will do is create big 3 x 3 blocks using the fabric squares. Here we will look for the colors and prints to be well balanced.
We will then sew together rows of 3 blocks with the ¼” foot. We will press those seams open
Once we have put together the rows of 3 squares each, we will join them together. First, we will pin and match the seams. Then, we will stitch the rows together using the ¼” foot
We will create the 2 blocks by sewing 3 rows together for each. Then, we will press the seams open
We will cut the batting to 14” and we will make a sandwich in the following order: First, the batting, then the block with the wrong side against the batting, then the second block right sides together with the first block.
We will pin all around the sandwich and stitch all around using the walking foot. It is important to leave a 3” opening for turning the work. We will then trim the corners
Once we have turned the work, we will top stitch along the edge of the square and close the opening as we do that. We will also be using the walking foot for this last step.
Now we are coming to the last step, which will be creating the corners of our basket. We will fold our square along the diagonal and make a mark at 2” distance from the corner, as you can see on the picture below
Along this line, we will stitch with the walking foot. It is important to backstitch at beginning and end in this particular step. We will repeat for the remaining corners.
Finally, we will “flatten” the corners down and stitch a line to hold the corners in place
And it’s done! You have finished your beautiful and practical basket that you can use for whatever you like, wether it is a bread basket, table organizer, etc

Please share your work on social media using the hashtag #carolinaonetotutorial or tag me. I look forward to seeing your projects!





  1. That is the best tutorial I have seen. Thorough, easy to understand and not over inflated. Thank you. Can’t wait to try it.

  2. Thanks, Caroline! I’m going to make several of these to sell as charity fundraisers. Will also try making them more quickly w/o patchwork piecing. Perhaps, I’ll add some decorative stitching and/or an applique in center of each basket instead – just to be different! 🙂

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