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Print fabric, 2 squares, 3 ½” each
A 2 ½” cardstock square
Pins, thread, rotary cutter, quilting ruler, cutting mat
Sewing machine, ¼” foot or A foot
Poly-fil stuffing


Cut 2 squares of 3 ½” from the printed fabric. Put right sides together and machine sew only on 3 sides. Trim the corners and turn.

Put the cardstock square (2 ½” side) inside and add the stuffing.

Close the square and pin or use clips. Keep the open side that we used to stuff the pin cushion, closed. Hand sew using an invisible stitch.

Measure the perimeter of your wrist and use that measure plus ½” to cut a length of elastic. Sew the elastic with your sewing machine overlapping the ends by 1 inch.

Pin the elastic to the back of the pin cushion (where you can feel the cardstock) and sew the two sides by hand.

Ready, add pins and get to work!


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