Newton’s third law


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Newton’s third law , 32” x 48”, 80 x 120 cm


Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion states that, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” In this way, in Nature for every force that exists, there is an equal and opposite counterforce. They are equal and opposite… one cannot exist without the other… This is the duality of the Universe.

So here I ask to myself, are there opposites to everything? What happen between the opposite? Between black and white? Between men and women? Between happiness and sadness? Day and night? Hot and cold? Light and dark? Motion and stillness? Can they exist separately? They are opposition, contradiction, but are they separated?

The big issue is to think in a binary way in areas that concern us as a human been. There is not only good or bad or right and wrong…in politics, religion, identity, there is a spectrum of other forces that lives between liberals and conservatives, theist and atheist, men and women, in these opposites, there must not necessarily be contradiction. In some cases, not being the same does not mean being opposites.


  • September 2019: “European Patchwork Meeting, International Contest: Opposite “, Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, Francia.


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