Notebook and Pencil case

Materials needed:   Rotary cutter Ruler Cutting mat Pins Thread Marking pencil or chalk that can be erased with iron or water Sewing machine Quarter inch foot Walking foot 9” length Velcro strip 24”x13” piece of batting 2 rectangles of fabric for the outside and inside of the case of 23”x12 ½” each Fabric rectangle…


November 1976

SIZE: 35” x 42” YEAR COMPLETED: 2019 I named this quilt “November 76” because is the Lunar calendar of my birth month. I painted every moon in each of the blocks. It’s hand-quilted. I think is the only “neutral” quilts that I have made and the only one that I did for myself .

Newton’s third law

SIZE: 32” x 48” YEAR COMPLETED: 2019 Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion states that, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” In this way, in Nature for every force that exists, there is an equal and opposite counterforce. They are equal and opposite… one cannot exist without the other… This…