Pangko Müñche Ngacharkülechi Pun (Hug under a Starry Night)


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Pangko Müñche Ngacharkülechi Pun (Hug under a Starry Night), 44” X 64”, 110 X 160 cm


The name of this Quilt is written in “Mapudungun”, the Mapuche Language, and the inspiration of the Quilt come from the Mapuche Race and its textile Art. The Figure in the Quilt is called “Willodmawe Ñimin” and represents a hug.With this symbol in my mind, I design the quilt with all the measures an piecing. In this quilt I worked with 2 concepts, minimalism and Negative space. For the quilting process I used the walking foot and Free Motion Quilting. I Quilt the same symbol in another scale and also I quilt many words in Mapudungun that take me to that hug under a starry night, like “Pellu” (soul), “Poyen” (to love), “Üdwe” (Inner peace), “Cuyen” (moon), “Elun” (to give), “Suyai” (hope), “Ayulemen” (in love), “Pun” (night).

  • Exhibitions
    • August  2017: “The Festival of Quilts”, Birmingham, England.

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